Tiffany Lamp Shade Restoration

Sometimes repairing a shade can be as simple as replacing a couple of pieces of common glass. Other times it is completely rebuilding a lamp with complex glass and intricate design patterns. Without exception the most important part of the restoration is matching the glass.

Every part of the restoration process is done in the same manner it was 100 years ago. The lamp is finished in a patina of mottled greens with deep red undertones.

Restorations are confidential. Any photos taken of your particular piece are made to document original condition or damage and are destroyed upon request. Any photos of original Tiffany lamps on this website are lamps which I purchased myself (or have permission to use the image). If I purchase a damaged lamp for restoration and resale, I will disclose all repairs made, e.g. replaced pieces, repatina, etc. Restorations for private clients will remain private.


This lamp was damaged in a fire.

This lamp was damaged in a fire.

Lamp in the process of being repaired with a plaster cast.
from the original.

To begin repair we make a plaster moldof the orginal.

Damaged lamp in the process of repair.

Water Lily Table Lamp

26” Dogwood Hanger, damaged lamp

26” Dogwood Hanger, damaged lamp

Repairs and Patinas - Patina Restoration

Original patina (cap), with mypatina in background

Original patina

Some of the patinas produced at Tiffany Studios in and of themselves were their own works of art. It’s the first thing you see. I will take a simple base with a great patina over a more complex base with a weak patina any day of the week.

Tiffany Tank base (my re-patina)

Tiffany Tank base.

Even with Tiffany, patinas vary dramatically. There are many variables that can affect the outcome of surfaces. Such things as atmosphere (humidity), grain structure (in the copper plating process), and chemical compounds, etc. 

Create and Replace Linenfold Glass Panels

Create and Replace Linenfold Glass Panels

After 30 years or so you start to get the hang of it. I use no paints on my patinas, with the exception of individual piece repairs where complete re-plating is unnecessary. Gold and silver finishes are also available.

Examples of  Repairs.

Create and Replace Missing Chainmail

Create and Replace Missing Chainmail

Inlay and shell replacement Tiffany Lamp

Inlay and shell replacement

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