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For the past 35 years, I have devoted an enormous amount of time, research and energy to the proper restoration of Tiffany Studios Lamps.

In the late 1960’s, I was introduced to my first original Tiffany lamp, a 16” dragonfly. It was in a lamp restorer's shop in my hometown and the shop owner was kind enough to befriend me and educate me on Tiffany.

newly crafted tiffany lamp shade
Tiffany Style Zodiac Table Lamp

In the 1970’s, I began restoring lamps and quickly found out that restoration glass was difficult to find. After many years of struggle to find glass, I decided to try making my own. Around that time, I found an old German glassmaker, named Greg Lins, in Central Florida, who instructed me on the art of making glass and the rest they say is history. I was hooked. I made glass with him for many years. The glass was very good but not good enough to match the glass found in Tiffany lamps and windows. Therefore, in 1993, I began to make my own glass. I focused on a small amount of great glass. It took several years and thousands of batches and decoding of original Tiffany glass recipes to get to where I am today. My clients as well as many professional lamp restorers tell me that the glass that I use in my own original lamps and windows and in my restorations is virtually undetectable in color, quality and texture from the original glass made by Tiffany.

Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding new lamp and window commissions, restorations and patinas. If you live in the Northeast and your shade needs a minor repair, I have a couple of restorers, that I work with, that I can make glass available to so that you will not need to ship your repair item to Florida.

Thank you.
Glenn Pankewich
Tiffany Studios Lamps

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custom stained glass windows
Windows with Custom
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newly crafted tiffany acorn shade
Acorn Shade for Floor Lamp
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Floral Basket